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Badoo Cult Customers Sell Handkerchiefs Used In Cleaning Bloodstream Of Sufferers To Politicians For N0.5M

Badoo Cult Customers Sell Handkerchiefs Used In Cleaning Bloodstream Of Sufferers To Politicians For N0.5M

a police provider keeps revealed why the menace of Badoo cult attacks in Ikorodu might not ending shortly

The officer which wanted privacy mentioned people in the dreaded cult, primarily unemployed youngsters were passionate to handle the raw killings simply because they promote handkerchiefs found in cleaning the blood regarding sufferers to wealthy Nigerians especially people in politics for N500,000 each.

It is believed that the political figures used the handkerchiefs for traditions.

Some tips about what law enforcement source mentioned:

The main of the majority of the atrocities in Nigeria try traceable to political leaders, immediately or indirectly.

Those guys would be arranged cost-free after a call by their unique benefactors.


Sotan I realized they! i knew the so called ‘rich & influential’ anyone need to be behind this wicked called Baddo, which was precisely why the incessant killings carried on for so long. God’s reasoning will come upon the wicked as well as their years, for the reason that revenue and energy you are invading people’s homes and eliminating them, wiping generations off. I weep for my personal country Nigeria, the reason why can’t you utilize your own offspring and household for rituals? Therefore it is a crime are bad? God in which will be your face? My center are hemorrhaging! Nigeria stinks. it is simply goodness that clean it, the bloodstream with the innocents tend to be weeping for revenge,no ponder we are hoping and it also seems as if goodness Does not answer prayers. Jesus can’t be mocked! Alike everyone behind these Badoo guys are creme de la creme associated with the society’, the higher and influentials, the ones that donate generously to good factors, they’re regarded as ‘good people’ God should not be mocked! Even although you escaped reasoning here on the planet, their judgement try waiting for you in heaven in addition to children your made use of blood money to teach will additionally be evaluated. Nearly all of those utilizing these Badoo kids are probably residing in Ikorodu and its particular environments collecting blood soaking handkerchiefs or they must bring men and women within Ikorodu and around doing work for all of them who happen to be intermediaries. God will determine everyone. It is good reports that a number of these young men being detained, we have been calling on the nice and God fearing people of Ikorodu Nigeria to be sure justice is carried out in the interests of the dead. Governor Ambode, Police, Obas, Chiefs etc you may have accomplished better but this is simply the beginning, the war has just started, this case should not be swept in carpeting, don’t mind whose ponies become gored,, recall you also have kids and loved ones, pls don’t allow God’s wrath are available upon your offspring for cover up bad. No one is above Jesus, this bad also best gay hookup apps for asian known as Badoo need to be expunged in Ikorodu and Nigeria as one. Might Goodness allow us to.

We black anyone especially we Africans will always be living in dark region. In 2017 we are nonetheless training lifestyle of ignorance and self destruction. We can’t just decide precisely why many people remain assuming that utilizing real bloodstream will proffer a solution to their own governmental aspiration. They are going here to steal funds, so why do they need to kill to have this? for this reason we kept on repeating that expression the trick of one’s balance consist within our leadership. These are the people ruining this nation by luring some feeble-minded and unemployed young folks to go and kill for them. Which is why we don’t envy any of those political leaders because they’re investing blood-money.

Out of 100per cent Nigerian political leaders merely 7% haven’t ever utilized individual as compromise to attain her situation. They are all cult of ritualists. When we can squash politics nowadays in Nigeria, 1 / 2 of Nigeria challenge should be solved. The rate of crime emanated from politics arena alone since 1999 provides quadriple than in the 80’s. Let’s consider earlier problems like Soka in Ibadan, Abeokuta etc. Nobody has never becoming prosecuted or convicted since large males will unquestionably come afterwards and get the production of these arrested. How much time will we need to hurt our selves? I’m so worried about all of our circumstances in Nigeria.